Scavenger Hunt Progress

June 30, 2016

The Scavenger Hunt is moving along quite well, thanks to everyone that is participating and tagging City Moto.  We currently have about 20 active hunters, counting a new addition today.  Many adventures have been undertaken and some good stories are coming out of them.  There are several people who are really putting a lot of miles in and getting the long distance targets, as well as, the ones in town. We really enjoy the feed back that we are getting on the hunt as well and everyone telling us how much fun they're having.  For a lot of riders that grew up in the area, it's a annual destination or just another reason to go somewhere.  For some people like... Continue Reading →

Scavenger Hunt list

April 29, 2016

Okay, here is the official scavenger hunt list.  There will be items randomly added throughout the summer once and a while.  1st prize is a nice Schott leather jacket of your size and choice ($700) value.  2nd and 3rd place haven't been figured out yet, but I'm sure they will be awesome.   There will also be category prizes given out throughout the summer.  Remember, the point of this is to have fun on your schedule, discover something new, and be safe.  Instagram #citymotoindyhunt #citymoto or tag us on facebook or email   Continue Reading →