June 21, 2017


Custom Motorcycle Art Work

City Moto is now providing one off customs prints and artwork of you and/or your machine.  These will be unique to you and only you, just as your motorcycle is.  Whether it's loud and rebellious or subtle and subdued, we can work to make that happen.  Wouldn't it be nice to have something just as unique that represents that attachment and bond. 

The $400 cost includes a scheduled photo shoot (your favorite spot maybe) and a finished artist rendering as well as a copy of the original photograph.  Rendering can vary in standard formats and sizes up to 24x36". 

Call to schedule an appointment, so we can talk about what you envision.  Your finished print would be available in about two to four weeks after the photo shoot.


"Rocker" image is from the 2016 Kentucky Kickdown Motorcycle show in Louisville.  We like this image because it represents when, "It is just a man and his machine, listening.  Everything else is gone, even if it's only for a moment."


June 01, 2017


First Friday Food Truck Festival

Friday, June 2nd is Bike Night! Bring your Harley, Honda or anything else on two wheels and join us for food, drinks, games and music!

First 30 Bikes on site get free admission PLUS VIP Parking inside the Old National Centre lot! Bring your Harley Owner Group card for another free ticket and save your cash for delicious food!

Other activities on site include giveaways from Jackyl's Jesse James Dupree (you could win his guitar!) and the Jumpstart Rider Experience from Harley Davidson.

Gates open at 5:00 pm. There will be up to 30 Food Trucks on site. Dogs are welcome as long as they are leashed. Kids 5 and under are free. Already bought a ticket to Foster the People? Your admission is included!
November 29, 2016


Good Spark Garage

Good Spark Garage's Corey Wilkinson came in the shop a couple of days ago and did a very nice review of City Moto on their blog space.  We just wanted to say thank you to Good Spark Garage for the sincere article and helping to remind people about the importance of shopping local and supporting your neighbors.


November 10, 2016


REV'IT! Sale now until 11/16

REV'IT! makes some of our favorite riding gear, and right now it's all on sale! Take 15% off your REV'IT! purchase with 'REV15' discount code at checkout. It's only good until 11/16, so don't miss out!


October 15, 2016


Eat Dust/Lewis Leathers at City Moto

We now have Eat Dust at the shop!  Three new jackets!  We have a leather jacket that is a collaboration between Eat Dust and Lewis Leather.  This jacket is fantastic and the craftmanship represents what is Lewis Leather.  The other two jackets aren't riding jackets, but one is a corduroy wool that will keep you warm on those cold nights and a quilted nylon jacket that looks great alone or as a base layer.
August 03, 2016


2016 Scavenger Hunt Summer Progress

The scavenger hunt for this year is still moving along pretty well.  As most of the destinations within the city are being knocked off, the scores have really become close.  We have 6 people within 200 points of each other and 4 of us within 40 points.  We still have a lot of time left and a lot of events before the end in the October. 

In the meantime, we have a couple of updates for the Scavenger Hunt list and we are throwing out a hint on one of the scavenger hunt riddles.  First thing, the green Kawi Kermit from the difficult category has moved away, so it's not likely to be found, unless you're at the tail of the dragon.  Unfortunately, only one person got the points for that one.  Second, the flower power van is rarely, if ever seen.  If you find a white Astro van with giant flowers glued on it, points are double!  If you find a van that could fit into the category; hippy van, VW van, or just any funky van; you can use it to get the points. 

Also, we haven't had anyone hit the "Einstein is Electric" riddle (plus he's starting to look like Charles Manson, so we are going to drop a clue as to where he is.  "If Einstein ever wore jeans, these would have been his favorite ones to go clubbing in."

We are also planning to do an end of event celebration in October, for everyone that participated and did some hunting.  Awards have been figured out for a couple of different categories as well as the top 3.  First place is the Schott jacket of course, Second and Third places will be gift certificates along with a couple other things we have planned to share. 

Keep the pictures coming!


July 26, 2016


Just In : Iron & Air 23

One of our favorites, Iron & Air magazine just dropped issue 23. Here are the details:

Buy the bike. Quit the job. Make love. Create. 

The "good life" is something we always seem to identify in others, but have a much harder time finding it for ourselves. 

Issue 023 is here - get you off your butt.


Safety not included.

Pro skater Jamie Thomas discovers Vietnam with the Roark Revival crew. 

The family-run brand of good times and hard work. 

The curious mind of artist Chris Sickels.

The secret weapon of WWII.

Marching to the heartbeat of America.

Here’s a hint; he’s not a cook...

Walt Siegl Motorcycles makes an endangered species even more rare.

A high-performance rat rod from America’s Northwest corner.



A Boy Named Sue-zuki.

The Sani Pass, South Africa.

Norman Reedus

Gear, goods, and more.

London, UK

A Hard Road to Travel On. 

June 30, 2016


Scavenger Hunt Progress

The Scavenger Hunt is moving along quite well, thanks to everyone that is participating and tagging City Moto.  We currently have about 20 active hunters, counting a new addition today.  Many adventures have been undertaken and some good stories are coming out of them.  There are several people who are really putting a lot of miles in and getting the long distance targets, as well as, the ones in town.

We really enjoy the feed back that we are getting on the hunt as well and everyone telling us how much fun they're having.  For a lot of riders that grew up in the area, it's a annual destination or just another reason to go somewhere.  For some people like me, it's going out and seeing something new that I've never seen before, being connected. 

I've been doing the scavenger hunt, two up style, which adds a lot for me.  A couple of the destinations are hard to find, GPS only gets you close and we only use it at the start or when we're completely lost.  This way a lot of neighborhood exploring is required and we're finding things just from searching and talking to people. 

In the case of the Kile Oak, which I lived down the street from for 3 years, but never knew existed.  GPS only gets you about 2 blocks away.  After cruising the same block seven times, I was ready to give up for the night.  My better half wouldn't let me.  So, we stop to ask a man doing yard work who's been watching us go around and around for the last 20 minutes.  He smiles,  relieved we're not casing the joint, and tells me he has doesn't know, but his 16 years old who isn't home does.  He then fist bumps my glove and says good luck.  On the eighth trip around, the same guy flags us down and points to the neighbor lady down the street, screaming she knows.  She did know. We were only three blocks off, I think my GPS hates me or I'm finding I don't really care for it.

In the end, we find our giant oak tree and hang out a bit. Impressive. I'm glad my partner has come along with me on the adventure, she keeps me from giving up and notices things I don't.  At this point, we are in 4th spot soon to be in 5th.  Mind you, we can't actually win any prizes, but it's all about the adventure and discovery anyways.   One other thing, I'm learning how much technology and bikes don't go together. 

Remember, the scavenger hunt is going on until October 10th, there are still plenty of things to discover and find, by no means is the hunt over.

On Instagram or Facebook you can look at #citymotoindyhunt to see everyone that is currently in on the hunt. 


title photo with link courtesy of John Robinson

April 29, 2016


Scavenger Hunt list

Okay, here is the official scavenger hunt list.  There will be items randomly added throughout the summer once and a while.  1st prize is a nice Schott leather jacket of your size and choice ($700) value.  2nd and 3rd place haven't been figured out yet, but I'm sure they will be awesome.   There will also be category prizes given out throughout the summer.  Remember, the point of this is to have fun on your schedule, discover something new, and be safe.  Instagram #citymotoindyhunt #citymoto or tag us on facebook or email kurt@city-moto.com


April 25, 2016

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2016 Scavenger Hunt

City Moto has set up a Scavenger hunt that is designed to give people a reason to go out and ride, as if anyone really needs one.  We are hoping that people will go out and discover new things and landmarks, whether historical, artistic, or just fun.  Exploring neighborhoods and surrounding areas, without having to be on a schedule.  Over the course of the summer, you can go explore and see something that maybe wouldn't normally be thought of as a destination.  One of the destinations is also of your choosing, with a short explanation as why you like it.

The process is easy (sometimes hard) with the destinations in mind.  Farther destinations, planned events, and riddles with tricky clues have a high point value.  Medium and easy will require some searching, there are often several in a location and won't consume your day.  Some destinations also have multiple locations that can be found, earning points depending on how many places are found.

To earn the points, just take a selfie of yourself (try to include the bike if possible) at the particular location or object and Instagram #citymotoindyhunt and #citymoto or tag us on Facebook.  If you don't want to post on social media, email the pictures to kurt@city-moto.com or bring them into the shop.  If you find the answer to a riddle, you don't want to spoil it, just email directly or bring it in.  Points will be tabulated week.y and posted periodically as the competition progresses.  We will also be using your instagram or facebook name to keep track of your points.  If you are using different sources, such as emailing directly with a riddle answer, please include your instagam or facebook name.

The scavenger hunt will officially start on May the 1st, but there are a couple opportunities to get points before then.  Such as, April Fuels and/or The Mad Max Ride.  Other prizes will also be given out periodically during the summer months, based on availability and participation.

Columbus Day, Monday October 10th will be the end of the contest and the winner will receive a Schott 618 Perfecto leather jacket or an equivilant Schott jacket of their choosing ($700 value)

We have tried to make all of the destinations easy to get to and with a safe place to stop at.  If anyone finds a particular destination that doesn't have a safe pull over point, please let us know and we can make adjustments.  Safety First!

With this idea in mind, lets go have some fun!

City Moto