2016 Scavenger Hunt

City Moto has set up a Scavenger hunt that is designed to give people a reason to go out and ride, as if anyone really needs one.  We are hoping that people will go out and discover new things and landmarks, whether historical, artistic, or just fun.  Exploring neighborhoods and surrounding areas, without having to be on a schedule.  Over the course of the summer, you can go explore and see something that maybe wouldn't normally be thought of as a destination.  One of the destinations is also of your choosing, with a short explanation as why you like it.

The process is easy (sometimes hard) with the destinations in mind.  Farther destinations, planned events, and riddles with tricky clues have a high point value.  Medium and easy will require some searching, there are often several in a location and won't consume your day.  Some destinations also have multiple locations that can be found, earning points depending on how many places are found.

To earn the points, just take a selfie of yourself (try to include the bike if possible) at the particular location or object and Instagram #citymotoindyhunt and #citymoto or tag us on Facebook.  If you don't want to post on social media, email the pictures to kurt@city-moto.com or bring them into the shop.  If you find the answer to a riddle, you don't want to spoil it, just email directly or bring it in.  Points will be tabulated week.y and posted periodically as the competition progresses.  We will also be using your instagram or facebook name to keep track of your points.  If you are using different sources, such as emailing directly with a riddle answer, please include your instagam or facebook name.

The scavenger hunt will officially start on May the 1st, but there are a couple opportunities to get points before then.  Such as, April Fuels and/or The Mad Max Ride.  Other prizes will also be given out periodically during the summer months, based on availability and participation.

Columbus Day, Monday October 10th will be the end of the contest and the winner will receive a Schott 618 Perfecto leather jacket or an equivilant Schott jacket of their choosing ($700 value)

We have tried to make all of the destinations easy to get to and with a safe place to stop at.  If anyone finds a particular destination that doesn't have a safe pull over point, please let us know and we can make adjustments.  Safety First!

With this idea in mind, lets go have some fun!

City Moto


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Nancy paul
Nancy paul

June 03, 2016

My daughters, son and I are going to do this. How fun! Thanks for putting it on!

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