2016 Scavenger Hunt Summer Progress

The scavenger hunt for this year is still moving along pretty well.  As most of the destinations within the city are being knocked off, the scores have really become close.  We have 6 people within 200 points of each other and 4 of us within 40 points.  We still have a lot of time left and a lot of events before the end in the October. 

In the meantime, we have a couple of updates for the Scavenger Hunt list and we are throwing out a hint on one of the scavenger hunt riddles.  First thing, the green Kawi Kermit from the difficult category has moved away, so it's not likely to be found, unless you're at the tail of the dragon.  Unfortunately, only one person got the points for that one.  Second, the flower power van is rarely, if ever seen.  If you find a white Astro van with giant flowers glued on it, points are double!  If you find a van that could fit into the category; hippy van, VW van, or just any funky van; you can use it to get the points. 

Also, we haven't had anyone hit the "Einstein is Electric" riddle (plus he's starting to look like Charles Manson, so we are going to drop a clue as to where he is.  "If Einstein ever wore jeans, these would have been his favorite ones to go clubbing in."

We are also planning to do an end of event celebration in October, for everyone that participated and did some hunting.  Awards have been figured out for a couple of different categories as well as the top 3.  First place is the Schott jacket of course, Second and Third places will be gift certificates along with a couple other things we have planned to share. 

Keep the pictures coming!


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