Custom Motorcycle Art Work

City Moto is now providing one off customs prints and artwork of you and/or your machine.  These will be unique to you and only you, just as your motorcycle is.  Whether it's loud and rebellious or subtle and subdued, we can work to make that happen.  Wouldn't it be nice to have something just as unique that represents that attachment and bond. 

The $400 cost includes a scheduled photo shoot (your favorite spot maybe) and a finished artist rendering as well as a copy of the original photograph.  Rendering can vary in standard formats and sizes up to 24x36". 

Call to schedule an appointment, so we can talk about what you envision.  Your finished print would be available in about two to four weeks after the photo shoot.


"Rocker" image is from the 2016 Kentucky Kickdown Motorcycle show in Louisville.  We like this image because it represents when, "It is just a man and his machine, listening.  Everything else is gone, even if it's only for a moment."


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