Scavenger Hunt Progress

The Scavenger Hunt is moving along quite well, thanks to everyone that is participating and tagging City Moto.  We currently have about 20 active hunters, counting a new addition today.  Many adventures have been undertaken and some good stories are coming out of them.  There are several people who are really putting a lot of miles in and getting the long distance targets, as well as, the ones in town.

We really enjoy the feed back that we are getting on the hunt as well and everyone telling us how much fun they're having.  For a lot of riders that grew up in the area, it's a annual destination or just another reason to go somewhere.  For some people like me, it's going out and seeing something new that I've never seen before, being connected. 

I've been doing the scavenger hunt, two up style, which adds a lot for me.  A couple of the destinations are hard to find, GPS only gets you close and we only use it at the start or when we're completely lost.  This way a lot of neighborhood exploring is required and we're finding things just from searching and talking to people. 

In the case of the Kile Oak, which I lived down the street from for 3 years, but never knew existed.  GPS only gets you about 2 blocks away.  After cruising the same block seven times, I was ready to give up for the night.  My better half wouldn't let me.  So, we stop to ask a man doing yard work who's been watching us go around and around for the last 20 minutes.  He smiles,  relieved we're not casing the joint, and tells me he has doesn't know, but his 16 years old who isn't home does.  He then fist bumps my glove and says good luck.  On the eighth trip around, the same guy flags us down and points to the neighbor lady down the street, screaming she knows.  She did know. We were only three blocks off, I think my GPS hates me or I'm finding I don't really care for it.

In the end, we find our giant oak tree and hang out a bit. Impressive. I'm glad my partner has come along with me on the adventure, she keeps me from giving up and notices things I don't.  At this point, we are in 4th spot soon to be in 5th.  Mind you, we can't actually win any prizes, but it's all about the adventure and discovery anyways.   One other thing, I'm learning how much technology and bikes don't go together. 

Remember, the scavenger hunt is going on until October 10th, there are still plenty of things to discover and find, by no means is the hunt over.

On Instagram or Facebook you can look at #citymotoindyhunt to see everyone that is currently in on the hunt. 


title photo with link courtesy of John Robinson

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