Greasy Kulture

GKM is a magazine… and has been since March 2007. It developed by popular demand from a webzine called 'Greasy Kulture', created by Guy Bolton in 1999 to showcase some of the stuff he was into: especially traditionally-styled old Harley choppers and bobbers.

See, back then it was a rare sight to see a young fella on a chopped old motorcycle; it was still the era of fat tyres, billet and easter egg paintjobs.

There were, however, a few young guns building bikes in the classic, pared-back style of the fifties and sixties: Chopper Dave, Jason Jessee, Bill Mize, Steve Uhl, Scott Craig… and GK featured them all before the mainstream realised their appeal and influence.

And now that custom motorcycles are finally enjoying their day in the sun, with more homebuilt creativity hitting the highways than ever before, GKM is still bringing you the best of the back-street builders, the sexiest street bikes and the best period customs from Europe, America, Japan and Australasia. If you like your motorcycles raw, raucous and regularly ridden, you've come to the right place. 

Type: Magazine

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