Otter Wax Heat Activated Fabric Dressing

Otter Wax Heat-Activated Fabric Dressing comes in a 1/2 pint tin and provides enough wax to do those bigger projects.  Perfect for that 'factory-waxed' finish.  Waterproofs unwaxed items, also a great all natural wax treatment to re-waterproof factory waxed or oiled jackets.  Apply easily when melted with a natural bristle brush, soft cloth, and some elbow grease.  1/2 pint.  Made in Portland, Oregon.

Application process has a couple more steps than the wax bar, but well worth the extra work.  Hot wax penetrates deeper into fabric and reduces cure time.
Place tin in 1.5" cool water, simmer using heat till melted.  Use brush or lint free cloth to apply.  Rub wax into fabric with fingers for uniformity.  Use only as much wax as can be absorbed by fabric.  24-48 hours cure time.  Removed stains or spots with Otter Wax Canvas Cleaner.

Type: Accessory

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