Sayonara Speed Tribes

Amazing documentary from JAPAN! "SAYONARA SPEED TRIBES 暴走族" offers a fascinating narrative and documents the decline of one of Japan's most colorful and controversial sub-cultures. The film blends verit’e footage and interviews, manga-style animation, still photography and riveting footage from bike runs. An intimate portrait of Japanese outsiders living on the edge with fascinating documentation of a fading subculture some view as tradition, others as a nuisance. "Sayonara Speed Tribes"!

"Sayonara Speed Tribes is a very good documentary on the bosozoku, although it is soft on depicting the damages done during their most violent era. It gives a great insight into Japanese culture, law enforcement and role-playing in Japan. However, the movie lingers with the viewer for many other reasons. It’s a meditation on the sadness of life alone after having once belonged to part of a bigger group that gave your life meaning and solidarity with others. The film captures the angst of being the last man in your tribe and having nowhere left to go, nor anyone interested in sharing your legacy. But if you watch the credits until the very end, you may find yourself smiling a little as you see that maybe Hazuki has at least found someone to share an interest in his past."

Type: DVD

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