Total Control: High Performance Riding Techniques

Total Control is not the first book on high-performance riding skills, but it actually delivers on what others can only promise: To significantly improve your ability to control any motorcycle. Based on the proven techniques of national champion Lee Parks critically acclaimed Advanced Riding Clinics, this book is the fastest and safest way to gain mastery over your machine.

Written in a clear, understandable style, Parks demystifies the techniques used by top racers and demonstrates how to apply them to high-performance street riding, no matter what kind of bike you ride. And for the first time anywhere in print, Parks explains the mental dynamics of fear and his remarkable process for overcoming the single biggest hindrance to learning new skills.

Raised in a family of professional educators, Parks revolutionary approach to riding is based on a superior teaching methodology as much as the techniques themselves. By breaking down the skills into small, easily learned modules in a building block format, the result is the most effective riding technology ever developed.

Total Control is the must-have book for sport, touring and cruiser riders who want to take their riding to the next level in the shortest amount of time without taking unnecessary risks.

Type: Book

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